MCC, the only MBE in the specialty coal industry, is exercising a roll up strategy that will allow it to become a dominant nationwide provider of key strategic energy resources.

Mountainside Coal Company, Inc. is a forty-year-old Kentucky-based, EPA-compliant natural resource company that is set to resume distributing product throughout the East Coast and Mid-West. The company ultimately plans to expand across the United States and into international markets.

MCC seeks to expand and diversify its network of resource rich coal mines (thereby limiting exploration risk) in order to become the market leader as both supplier of coal (with the flagship product being the highly sought-after Specialty Ferro- Silicon Coal) and a reseller of petroleum products; bulk lubricants/oils/degreasers; crude oil and other coal processing byproducts initially throughout the East Coast and Mid-West.

As the world shifts to more environmentally safe alternatives the company has emerged as a trailblazer by being an early mover in coal refuse extraction. It has triumphed over significant barriers to entry and established the necessary relationships needed to scale. The Company:

  • holds five coal production and exploration permits with more than [16] million tons of economically accessible proven coal reserves;
  • historically has produced ~400,000 tons of coal per annum for sale domestically within the United States;
  • has meaningful value-add infrastructure such as a state-of-the-art wash plant.

Historically the company has had significant top line revenues, in excess of $ 20 million.


The previous buyer saw MCC as an attractive revenue generating asset, while at the same time providing an opportunity to showcase their BCB technology. However, an unforeseen internal conflict led to a pause in production causing the mine operations to incur losses, from 2016 onwards. Ultimately an inability to merge operations led to the buyer exiting at a significant discount. Providing an attractive entry point for MCC’s new operators.

The team has assembled an inner circle of successful industry veterans to participate in building out a domestic reserve of mission-critical natural resources.