Mountainside Coal Company Inc.

The current Location of the company’s Operations are Knox County, Kentucky :

Mountainside Coal Processing Facility :

200 Ton an hour preparation Plant which commenced Production  March of 2015 to process various silicon and ferrosilicon stoker coal.

Hubbs Hollow:   a Blue Gem Seam Mine

This site is permitted Blue Gem mine that has been partially Mined

Flag Ridge:   a Dean  & Rider Seams Mine

This mine site is a permitted site that is partially mines. Resources at the site are consist of the Dean and Rider seams.

Mosley Branch:   a Blue gem and Jellico Seams Mine

This site is a Blue Gem and Jellico seams mine that is permitted.

Triple 7 Commodities Inc.

The current location of the company’s coal extraction operation is in McDowell County, West Virginia and situates the company activities, in a region with geologically verified coal seams, of premium-grade coals for processing in the steel making industry. Projects currently in the Triple 7 Commodities Inc. portfolio are :

Totten Ridge Surface Mine #1:  a Pocahontas #3 & #4 Mine Seams

The Totten Ridge Surface Mine contains the Pocahontas no. 3 and no. 4 coal Seams. Pocahontas no. 4 is economical to mine. The Company has both Auger and contour mining on the Pocahontas no. 4 coal Seam. Reserve estimates prepared by Project Solutions, LLC indicate a net clean coal reserve of 796,920 tons with production expected to reach 16,000 tons per month of net coal within 3 months.

Jump Branch Deep Mine:  a Squire Jim Seam Mine

The Jump Ranch Deep Mine contains the Squire Jim Coal Seam. The drilling information indicates that the total Squire Jim coalbed thicknesses range from 24 to 60 inches in the proposed deep mine area. The drill logs indicted at least two rock partings in the seam. With the thickness of the rock partings subtracted from the total seam thickness, the coal ranges from 22 to 36 inches

BluBoy Tipple Location:

Wenley Property:

Area Map