Damian Caldwell

President / C.E.O

  • Mr. Caldwell was the Co- founder and CEO of Triple 7 Commodities. Through a strategy involving organic growth and assimilation, he was able to bring Triple 7 to the forefront of the mining industry. Upon the acquisition of MCC in early 2021, Mr. Caldwell assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for the entire holding company, and since then has been instrumental in expanding MCC’s presence throughout the country.
  • After graduating from college, Mr. Caldwell began his career in the financial services industry initially serving as an Associate at Wachovia Bank and then as the President at Caldwell Financial. His experience in sales and marketing along with his proven abilities in leadership, decision making, and problem solving allowed him to transition into higher level Operational roles at other companies. After spending 10 years around commodities, highway construction, and energy he eventually founded Triple 7 (now MCC) in 2016. Since then, the company has been able to achieve tremendous growth in mining production, revenues, and winning contracts with Fortune 1000 companies. Today, he holds the distinction of making MCC the only Minority Backed Enterprise (MBE) within the Specialty Coal industry.
  • Damian’s excellent business acumen, high sense of integrity, and strong work ethic has allowed MCC to develop long standing relationships with suppliers, contractors, utilities, and government officials. A true visionary by nature, his efforts in sustainable mining practices, environment protection, and worker safety have garnered him respect within the coal industry.
Michael Church

Sr. Executive Vice President Business Development

  • Co-founder Triple 7 Commodities Incorporated
  • Years of experience in sales and marketing starting his career in the printing industry
  • Transitioned into the coal and natural gas brokerage business; arranged the acquisition and sale of leases of mineral rights in the State of Kentucky
  • Founded Alpha & Omega Energy, LLC where he served as Chief Executive Officer
Jawanza Moseley

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Mr. Moseley proudly brings 15 years of successful Strategic Sales and Marketing experience from numerous industries to Triple 7 Commodities, Inc. His experience includes manufacturing, fossil fuels sales, bulk lubricants sales and clean energy marketing. Most recently, Jawanza directed the strategic sales and marketing direction of New Era Technologies, LLC, which markets fuels and lubricants for a large regional Oil Company, currently the ninth largest privately held company in North Carolina. With the experience of successfully selling fossil fuels to large companies and government agencies during the past four years, he has become very knowledgeable and familiar with building relationships with large energy consumers in the United States as well as globally.
  • In 2004, Jawanza Moseley began his sales and marketing career with Selco Industries, Inc., at the time the largest minority-owned office filing manufacturer in the country. He quickly ascended up the ladder to leading Selco in their sales and marketing efforts nationally as Director of Sales. In addition to managing their business-to-business sales, he also managed their strategic tier-two relationships with its customers Staples, OfficeMax and United Stationers, consistently growing the company’s revenue and profits year over year. While in this position for eight years, he directed and trained the company’s seven regional sales groups throughout the country on how to effectively sell their company’s unique business offering. Jawanza has been consistently recognized as a leader in his industry and selected to serve on two advisory boards providing.
Robert Christiansen

Chief Financial Officer

  • In his capacity as chief financial officer, Mr. Christiansen is responsible for setting up the infrastructure and controls that will enable the Company to operate with a rolling five-year strategic vision, manage the business financially in accordance with key process indicators, and execute according to a management derived tactical plan.
  • A former Senior Vice President & General Manager, Citicorp Services, Inc., Global Payments Product Division, he was responsible for two global operations centers and over 1,200 employees. This organization managed issuance, tracking and reconciliation of over one billion financial documents in all currencies representing more than $151 billion annually. Prior to that, Mr. Christiansen was a director of operations at American Express Co., Travel Related Services, Inc. where he managed a $65 million budget.
  • Robert also has successful entrepreneurial experience. After leaving Citicorp, he successfully launched a start-up company, Financial Information Technologies, Inc. (“FinTech”). FinTech markets electronic funds transfer (EFT) and flexible electronic data interchange (flex-EDI) based services to the corporate, public, and private sectors and government, nationwide. During his tenure, the company processed over $70 million a month in payments for over 500 clients.
  • Mr. Christiansen holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ancient and Medieval History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has a degree of Fellow of the Life Management Institute (FLMI) with special emphasis on company operations. Robert is a former member of the Board of Directors of First National Bank of Tampa, in Florida.